Groupe SCV’s reputation emanates from its team devoting particular attention to the client and needs’ analysis, prior to any given project, offering the most precise and fit solution to our customers. We deliver turnkey projects.


An efficient solution respecting budget and delivery dates (Turnkey)

At Groupe SCV, we favor Turnkey solutions: they abridge and streamline communications between the client and professionals involved on the project. Simplified and harmonized communications translate to peace of mind for our clients. This way of undertaking the project nails down the link between all the different professionals aboard the venture, decreasing the risk of cost overrun and deadlines delays.

Our clients much appreciate the way we conduct these mandates by the clarity of our communication process and the excellence of the specified scope of the work we execute.

Construction Management: a Wise Choice

Our clients may not be experts in construction. But we are! We have the solution for them. Benefiting from an expert opinion is a valuable asset to bring their idea to life.

Our expert teams will provide a wide range of administrative and technical services to support and secure the success of the projects. The project manager acts as the client’s representative to supervise the project throughout all phases. He provides expert level advices, while maintaining costs as low as possible and safeguarding, within schedule, quality of work execution.

During the pre-construction phase, the project manager will:

  • Achieve the biding process;
  • Analyze drawings and specifications with the chosen professionals of the project;
  • Evaluate proposals;
  • Manage awarding contracts to sub-contractors and other professionals;
  • Obtain permits, insurance and guarantees.

During construction, the project manager will:

  • Elaborate and maintain up-to-date budget and schedule;
  • Make sure drawings and specifications are coordinated;
  • Manage administrative and accounting tasks;
  • Bring valuable advices and recommendations;
  • Ensure proper execution of electrical / mechanical components and commissioning;
  • Validate and implement security and health requirements are met;
  • Confirm on time delivery as per schedule.

At post-construction phase, the project manager will:

  • Organizing employees training if requested;
  • Verify and handover end-of-project documents and duly completed as-built drawings;
  • Transfer sub-contractors’ guarantees.

General Contractor: a promise of trust and integrity

Groupe SCV’s reputation is built on more than forty years of experience cumulated by our professional crew. Our clients benefit from our worldwide recognition and they entrust us with their most valuable projects.

Groupe SCV is authorized to submit bids, execute or delegate construction scope of work as per international codes and standards.